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R Resources

R for Data Science (2e)

A must-read for R beginners. This book is the 2nd edition of R for Data Science and made some updates. It also features Quarto at the end of the book, which is the publishing system that builds this website.


A curated feed of numerous bloggers who talk about R tips and projects. You can subscribe to R-bloggers by email or their RSS feed.

Tidyverse blog

This is where I got the latest news about tidyverse packages, since I use many of their packages.

Yihui’s Blog | R statistics

Yihui is a software engineer who works at Posit(previously RStudio) and is a main contributor to many popular R packages such as blogdown, bookdown and knitr. He shares interesting tips & exercise about R, and sometimes industry rumours news.


A weekly issue that covers latest news about R community.